3. Optional Configurations

Recommended: set up monitoring for your node

Things break. Make sure you know when so you can fix them. Check out this Community Guide for monitoring Elrond.

Optional: check is auto-update is configured correctly

Do NOT configure your node to auto-update on the mainnet. Validators should always understand the changes that come with a new release, test and only then deploy it to their mainnet nodes.

Run the following command and check its output:

crontab -l

The default output would be:

*/9 * * * */bin/bash -c /home/<yourusername>/elrond-go-scripts-v2/auto-updater.sh

0 * * * * /bin/bash -c '/home/<yourusername>/elrond-go-scripts-v2/script.sh github_pull' > /dev/null 2>&1

Try running the auto updater yourself, to make sure all is fine. Make sure to replace <yourusername>accordingly.

cd ~
/bin/bash -c /home/<yourusername>/elrond-go-scripts-v2/auto-updater.sh

Now check for the output by opening this file:

cd ~
cat autoupdate.status

A successful output would look like:

Wed Dec 4 13:21:23 UTC 2019

Your current version is: v1.0.48–0-gae5a3d74/go1.13.4/linux-amd64

Latest tag from github: v1.0.48

Nothing to do here… you are on the latest tag !

Optional: register your node with our community-created BoN monitor Telegram bot

It will help you to get relevant notifications and stats directly into Telegram. You can find it here or by typing @BoNmonitorbot into Telegram.

This is a community tool that is not controlled by Elrond, use at your own risk.