How to use the Docker Image

As an alternative to the recommended installation flow, one could choose to run an Elrond Node using the official Docker image: elrondnetwork/elrond-go-node.

The following command runs a Node using the latest Docker image and maps a container folder to a local one that holds the necessary configuration:

docker run -d -v /absolute/path/to/config/:/data/ elrondnetwork/elrond-go-node:latest \
--nodes-setup-file="/data/nodesSetup.json" \
--p2p-config="/data/config/p2p.toml" \

In the snippet above, make sure you adjust the path to a valid configuration folder and also provide the appropriate command line arguments to the Node. For more details go to Node CLI.

Testnet Validators may switch between different versions of the Node using the following Docker tags:

  • elrondnetwork/elrond-go-node:latest

  • elrondnetwork/elrond-go-node:devlatest

  • elrondnetwork/elrond-go-node:<tag>, in general form

Mainnet validators should carefully specify the precise tag when using the Docker setup, always test the new releases themselves, and only deploy them once they understand and agree with the changes.