Battle of Nodes

Our public testnet

Before launching the Elrond Mainnet, we asked our community to put the network through a trial of fire. We titled the event Battle of Nodes, a name that sticked and is now synonym to the Elrond Public Testnet.

Battle of Nodes is a permanent public testnet, where our community validators can run nodes to test the latest iterations of software before it gets deployed to the mainnet.

You can join Battle of Nodes by filling in this form. Earn money by submitting useful GitHub entries such as previously unknown bugs or suggestions for new features. As a rule of thumb, check the Validators Chat before submitting an issue or proposal and check if it is in scope for these rewards. Valid bugs will be rewarded on a "first come, first served" basis.

Stay tuned for incentivized versions of Battle of Nodes, where we offer rewards to node operators for adding nodes, performing relevant tasks and finding vulnerabilities.