Querying the Blockchain

Querying broadcasted transactions

In order to query a transaction and inspect its status, please follow:

Querying a recently broadcasted transaction may not return the hyperblock coordinates (hyperblock nonce and hyperblock hash) in the response. However, once the transaction is fully executed - according to the status field (whether with success or with failure), the hyperblock coordinates will be set and present in the response.

Querying hyperblocks and fully executed transactions

In order to query executed transactions, please follow:

Querying finality information

In order to fetch the nonce (the height) of the latest final (hyper) block, one would perform the following request against the on-premises Proxy instance:

curl http://myProxy:8079/network/status/4294967295

From the response, one should be interested into the field erd_highest_final_nonce, which will point to the latest final hyperblock.

"data": {
"status": {
"erd_highest_final_nonce": 54321